Microsoft FrontPage 98

In December 1997, Microsoft released the Microsoft FrontPage 98 WYSIWYG website editor.

The program included new features such as over 50 professionally designed theme layouts, enhanced table creation and editing, custom WYSIWYG frames, Microsoft Image Composer 1.5, one-button publishing directly from within the FrontPage Explorer toolbar, navigation view and navigation bars, the channel definition format wizard, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) support: define complex styles and create dramatic page layout settings with word-processor-like control over HTML text, and more.

Microsoft FrontPage 98

Getting Started

New FrontPage Web

FrontPage Explorer Themes

Folder – Personal Web

Hyperlinks – Personal Web

FrontPage Editor Homepage Source Code

FrontPage Editor Insert Table

FrontPage Editor New Page with Frames

FrontPage Editor Homepage

Release Date

  • December 1997

System Requirements


  • Microsoft Windows95 operating system or later
  • Microsoft Windows NT Workstation operating system 4.0 or later, or Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0 or later
  • Personal or multimedia computer with a 486 or higher processor
  • 16 MB RAM on Windows 95
  • 32 MB RAM on Windows NT
  • 36 MB of available hard-disk space required
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA or higher-resolution video adapter
  • Internet features required you to obtain Internet access

Additional hard-disk requirements for included tools

  • 11 MB for Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • 1 MB for Microsoft Personal Web Server for Windows 95
  • 2 MB for Internet Mail and News


  • $149