Allaire HomeSite 2.5a

In September 1996, Allaire Corporation released the first version of the HomeSite, an HTML editor created by former cartoonist Nick Bradury. On May 22, 1997HomeSite 2.5a was released as a free upgrade via a shareware license for registered HomeSite 2.0 users.

HomeSite 2.5 offered support beyond the standard HTML 3.2 by including browser-specific tags like Internet Explorer’s Bgsound and Navigator’s Embed. Additionally, HomeSite 2.5 allowed for easy page viewing by using Internet Explorer 3.x as its browser directly within the HomeSite interface.

HomeSite was an editor designed for hand-coding HTML and other languages, making it unique among the WYSIWYG web creation tools of its time. Bradbury referred to it as a WYSIWYN (“What You See Is What You Need”) user interface, stating, “In many ways, we are building a new infrastructure based on computers. If we don’t do it right, people will be as frustrated with the computing infrastructures of tomorrow as they are with the roadways of today.

Allaire HomeSite 2.5a

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Release Date

  • May 22, 1997

System Requirements

  • Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0
  • 486/66, 16MB RAM
  • 3.75MB disk space


  • $39.95 (registered 2.0 users: free upgrade to HomeSite 2.5a)